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The Folly Cove Intensive

In July 2022, eight creative entrepreneurs came to Cape Ann to spend a week working on their businesses at the Folly Cove Studio with accommodations at the historic Manship Artists Residency.


The inaugural Folly Cove Intensive was designed to deliver customized problem-solving across a variety of topics, such as financing options, refining the customer value proposition, growing an online presence, and connecting business with community organizations and the arts. The entrepreneurs, known as Folly Cove Intensive fellows, worked collaboratively together, shared ideas, had all kinds of fun, and left with concrete actions.


More than 30 advisors and faculty were involved, including experienced coaches for 1:1 sessions with fellows, a business roundtable of local leaders, and workshop faculty from a number of disciplines.


What are people saying about the Folly Cove Intensive?


Katia Powell-Laurent, Founder and CEO of Black Girls Nutrition, says that the Folly Cove Intensive shifted her perspective on what is possible for her business. "I've participated in one of the largest global business accelerators and one specifically for founders of color. They were good, but the Folly Cove Intensive was a one-of-a-kind experience designed specifically for each of the fellows," Powell-Laurent says. "I am now ready to take my company to the next level, and I have much gratitude to all the staff, instructors, and other fellows for their contributions to my personal growth and the growth of my company."


The Folly Cove Intensive was a customized, individualized experience for small business owners who value time away from their businesses to work on their business. “We designed the curriculum to meet the particular needs of the entrepreneurs who applied and accepted the invitation to devote a week to being here,” says Nancy Steele, Folly Cove Studio LLC. “Yet some of the most fruitful interactions were not designed – they were the result of putting smart, caring people together and giving them space to coach each other.”


Claire Beskin, Co-founder of Empalo, wrote “the FCI is unique from all other startup programs I've experienced in many important ways. The one-week timeframe was long enough to pack in a lot of learning and bonding with the group, but short enough that it was feasible to take the time away from my day-to-day responsibilities at work. FCI was a powerful blend of different types of health and wellness businesses (e.g., an AI health tech startup, a pure pastry purveyor, a solar salt maker, and a flower farmer). There were so many amazing speakers and mentors sharing their industry knowledge across a range of important topics, including customer discovery, marketing, finance, legal, and operations. I had the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with many inspiring entrepreneurs and mentors. And, we were in such a beautiful environment and had the opportunity to enjoy local activities. A spirit of support and kindness pervaded all aspects of the program.”

Manship Artists Residency hosted the Folly Cove Intensive Fellows in residence. “This workshop was a chance for Manship Artists Residency to support women with small businesses and to offer them creative time at an inspiring setting to envision the next phase of their enterprises. Most exciting for us was the opportunity to provide a session on ways they can partner with artists and cultural organizations to engage with their communities and to enrich what they are able to provide their employees and clients, while expanding positive local impact,” says Rebecca Reynolds, Manship Artists Residency Executive Director.

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